Friday, 29 May 2009

cold and tasty...just the way you like it!

the joy of fried chicken isn't just in its taste or value but the minimum effort. you have no hand in making it, couldn't give a shit where it came from and you're reinforcing a sacred bond with the guy in the shop every time he hands you over the bag (unless you get delivery chicken but SE5 hasn't been blessed with this luxury apart from those fucked up halal pizza-kebab-chicken-curry-puke hybrids with nasty psychedelic food collage menus, hell no). it's a ritual that depends on the awkward boss/boss relationship. so i dunno how i feel about finding this in peckham netto:

frozen SFC.

even kfc they who shall not be named didn't cross this line. i'd try it for you guys but i don't have a deep fat fryer and wtf is the point in reviewing oven-baked SFC.

10/10 for packaging and website design alone though, it's immaculate

This will make you choke on your Nandos

Andy Peters rapping and dancing? Ah man, its like they saw this blog, and was begging to get posted.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Original and the Best?

A few months ago now my friend Mr M C Child came to London town. He was visiting from the US west coast and he had only one thing in mind. Chicken. And he wanted the Junior Spesh. He wanted that special kind of nourishing. He wouldn't settle for the local Peckham chicken. He wanted SFC and nothing less. So with this mission in mind, we headed over to Canning Town, E16. This is our story...

Boomnoise & Child's day out from Michael Hodder on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Didn't have any food in the house so I hit up Camberwell KFC for dinner just now. But then I remembered they give you your chicken in paper bags now not boxes, plus the bro who served me failed to put any salt sachets, napkins or lemon fresh wipes in with my order! So I had to put up with unsalted chips, and greezy hands. No fork for my coleslaw either. The chicken was ok but the meat was a bit dark, you know? Usually I don't mind that but compounded by the shabby level of service/presentation I should really have opted for Morley's across the road. Their chips are also much crispier than KFC's...
If you ever find yourself in Camberwell Church Street, trust me don't be put off by the price difference and choose Morley's each and every.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Penge Favorite Discount Card



Favourite V Favourite (Chicken Beef)

A Chicken War is taking place just a few doors down from each other on Lea Bridge Road near Bakers Arms, Leyton, London.

This shop opened up a month or so ago: "New Favourite"

The shop below has been open opposite approx 30 seconds away for nearly twenty years. I wanted to interview them, but they were closing up, so they said I could come back tomorrow and do it when the managers in. I will probably forget.
In case their customers are confused by two FFCs on the same road, the older (and probably better through their years experience) they have put up this sign in the window.

I think it also doubles up as a warning shot to the other store.

How is the new favourite going to respond? Only time will tell.

I will keep you updated