Friday, 29 May 2009

cold and tasty...just the way you like it!

the joy of fried chicken isn't just in its taste or value but the minimum effort. you have no hand in making it, couldn't give a shit where it came from and you're reinforcing a sacred bond with the guy in the shop every time he hands you over the bag (unless you get delivery chicken but SE5 hasn't been blessed with this luxury apart from those fucked up halal pizza-kebab-chicken-curry-puke hybrids with nasty psychedelic food collage menus, hell no). it's a ritual that depends on the awkward boss/boss relationship. so i dunno how i feel about finding this in peckham netto:

frozen SFC.

even kfc they who shall not be named didn't cross this line. i'd try it for you guys but i don't have a deep fat fryer and wtf is the point in reviewing oven-baked SFC.

10/10 for packaging and website design alone though, it's immaculate


bigOCTOPUS said...

Mate look, having lived all my life in E16/E13, I think know the chicken game. SFC was great back in the day when my ol school Cumberland was still up (now the big pile of rubble across the road) but it's lost its touch. Junior Spesh, nar, dun want that with a sidebreast. If you head further up Barking Road to E13, Plaistow and take a right at the lights down Prince Regents, the best chicken shop is there. Nar, actually fuck that, cos of its meal deals, Sams on Barking Road across the road from Greengate is the best. £1.50 for TWO CHICKEN BURGERS, CHIPS AND DRINK. Oh my fucking days and it tastes good.

BTW, RIP Ocean Blue.

Keep up the good work on this blog.


Elijah said...

I need to give these the taste test

Fieldscarecrow said...

YES SAM's in Plaistow is untouchable!

Those chicken-strip burgers are soooo tantalizing!

It's the only place I know that sells deep fried chicken that tastes fresh! I don't know how they do it differently to everyone else.

E13 Allday everyday!

miss miracles said...

TWO burgers????????? 1.50


bigOCTOPUS said...

TWO burgers son, mark 'em. TWO.

BTW, we should make headway in starting a Barking Road chicken shop crawl. There's a good 20 shops from Canning Town to the end of the road in East Ham/Barking.

Chicken, there is no other.

Chu said...

Yeah, Sams Pidgeon in Harlesden do 2.4.2 deal (2 Chicken burgers + 2 chips = £2), it's a quencher!

Also big up the guy who used to sit outside that Sams asking people if they had any spare chicken, you are big in the game.