Monday, 25 May 2009

Favourite V Favourite (Chicken Beef)

A Chicken War is taking place just a few doors down from each other on Lea Bridge Road near Bakers Arms, Leyton, London.

This shop opened up a month or so ago: "New Favourite"

The shop below has been open opposite approx 30 seconds away for nearly twenty years. I wanted to interview them, but they were closing up, so they said I could come back tomorrow and do it when the managers in. I will probably forget.
In case their customers are confused by two FFCs on the same road, the older (and probably better through their years experience) they have put up this sign in the window.

I think it also doubles up as a warning shot to the other store.

How is the new favourite going to respond? Only time will tell.

I will keep you updated


Anonymous said...

WTF ?!?! How they gonna be ripping iff favourites like that ??? NO ONE does ribs like them. Jheez im getting my favourite soldiers together, Lewisham wn't stand for this !!!

Elijah said...

coming on a chicken blog and talking about ribs<<<<<<<<<<

M.I.T.S said...

ahahaha x98,758,596,589,498

Grime said...
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Jay said...

I did post do that post about Kangaroo burgers though tbf el lol

+one said...

see how the new Favourite try get on our side by spelling it the correct English way. it will never work. FAVORITE 4 LYF