Saturday, 28 June 2008

When I feel rich I go KF.... KFC Cancun Mexico

I went over a year ago and I remember the experience clearly. One thing that was odd, was half of the restaurant was KFC and half was pizza hut. But, Pizza Hut I dont do, so I proceeded with ordering.

I made the effort to buy stuff we don't have in England so I got, Crispy chicken, with dumpling, mash potatoes and curry sauce. Here are the pictures:

This is the infamous crispy chicken, it is like a big hot wing.
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The chips were different to the ones in England, felt pretty cheap.
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The curry sauce did a lot
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I give KFC Mexico 3/5. Because it was so hot you couldn't really enjoy it, but the different menu was a refreshing treat.

Elijah -

Friday, 27 June 2008

Walkabout Bar, Birmingham

The Walkabout Bar Birmingham, home of the Kangaroo burger. Thats right, remember when you used to watch Skippy on the TV, well here you can eat him*. A quick browse of the menu shows that if you go in here there really is only one choice, Kangaroo Burger. Two meaty chunks of Kangaroo in a bun with onion rings slapped on top just for the hell of it.

Don't let the green man distract you, I was not dining with the incredible hulk, just Black Gerbil1. After removing the oddly placed onion rings from the bun you find a burger which will top pretty much any beef burger you have had in your life. Flawless meat, with a taste which you just can't put into words. Sadly though, this was the only part of the meal they have tried with. The blatent home fries do nothing for me, I can cook them myself at home. But I won't let that distract me from the fact that this was the best Kangaroo burger I have had in my life (this was also the only Kanagaroo burger I have had in my life).

All this washed down with a bottle of Fosters Twist made a somewhat filling lunch. With this coming in at just under £10 for the lot you can't really complain. Junior Spesh hits Stockholm coming soon...

*Note that you can't actually eat Skippy, he probly died time ago.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Chicken Hut
Corporation Street, Birmingham

Chicken Hut, situated in Birmingham city centre just, is without doubt one of the finest establishments of its kind. Whether going for an afternoon snack, crawling home from the pub or coming in from the casino at some stupid hour; you can be assured that chicken hut will be open.

The chicken served is of a very high standard, in particular the fillet burgers which seem to consist of a fried whole chicken breast. The chips can be a letdown being fairly standard "french fries", though this is more than made up for by the chicken & the exquisite chilli sauce. At £2.99 a burger meal is competitively priced.

no matter what time you visit you are likely to be served by nas (pictured) as he works 12pm til 4am five days a week. He is very friendly (he once invited us back to his house for "rice & meat"). If you are ever in bimingham i would strongly reccommend it!


Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Times Square, New York City (USA): McDonald's

With the first location of our blog, we thought we'd go for somewhere we all know and love: McDonald's. Not just any McDonald's though. The lights are on and the doors are open 24 hours a day. The location in Times Square is fantastic. Toys R Us just round the corner and a US Armed Forces recruitment base just across the road. You can't really ask for much more than that.

When I stepped inside, the queue looked a bit big, but it moved quickly. I was served by a young woman, mildly attractive, who commented on my "European" accent. After briefly forgetting that Americans generally don't use coins, I closed the coin pouch of my wallet and went into the note section for the bucks. My ingrained routine of ensuring I get rid of all my change at the fast food shop almost led to embarrassment on this occasion.

My order was an Angus Deluxe burger meal at $6.49. At the time that was worth £3.30ish when converted to good old Pound Sterling. Considering the cost of an "Extra Value Meal" in the UK and the larger size of the burger as well as the "quality" of it, it was definitely a steal and fantastic value for money. I think even now, with this global credit crunch and inflation malarkey you still get a good deal.

The interior décor was nice, and there were models of famous landmarks within NY. I'd visited most of them already but had I not, they would have given me plenty of ideas of places to go.

The burger itself was very good, very filling and the entire meal had enough calories to satisfy the daily requirements of a man, his wife and his 3 kids. All in all it was a great gastric experience. I think for the first time ever in my life I could actually taste beef in a McDonald's beefburger, I'm not sure if I was just imagining it though. Perhaps the décor was just a really clever ploy to get me to concentrate on what was around me, rather than think about, let alone notice the quality of the food.

Nonetheless I would definitely recommend to anyone out in those ends. Rating:


Big up Mos Dan first and foremost. This blog will review different fast food shops across the world, so when you hit up a junior spesh in another ends you will know where to go.