Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Original and the Best?

A few months ago now my friend Mr M C Child came to London town. He was visiting from the US west coast and he had only one thing in mind. Chicken. And he wanted the Junior Spesh. He wanted that special kind of nourishing. He wouldn't settle for the local Peckham chicken. He wanted SFC and nothing less. So with this mission in mind, we headed over to Canning Town, E16. This is our story...

Boomnoise & Child's day out from Michael Hodder on Vimeo.


Elijah said...


+one said...

LOL @ the SFC guy rockin a 'Cafe Rouge' apron..

we can all dream.

free mayonaise u know, talk about royalties!

This should have gone to Cannes

Noobarella said...

LMAO! this is gold, pure gold.
I am actually cracking up, the guy with the dark hair looked so proud when he asked for his 'junior special please' i felt proud for him!

Great blog, xx