Saturday, 28 June 2008

When I feel rich I go KF.... KFC Cancun Mexico

I went over a year ago and I remember the experience clearly. One thing that was odd, was half of the restaurant was KFC and half was pizza hut. But, Pizza Hut I dont do, so I proceeded with ordering.

I made the effort to buy stuff we don't have in England so I got, Crispy chicken, with dumpling, mash potatoes and curry sauce. Here are the pictures:

This is the infamous crispy chicken, it is like a big hot wing.
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The chips were different to the ones in England, felt pretty cheap.
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The curry sauce did a lot
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I give KFC Mexico 3/5. Because it was so hot you couldn't really enjoy it, but the different menu was a refreshing treat.

Elijah -


Alex Bok Bok said...

uk fried chicken gets killoff killy
i just come back from nyc where i ate Popeyes and i could have died bruv i could have died

dan hancox said...

popeyes review or stfu alex ;)

dun no the boycotting of pizza hut elijah. curry sauce sounds amazing - they always used to do that in chip shops (like old school fish and chip shops), dunno if many places still do or not..

Shamz Le Roc said...

The curry sauce is a bit of a disturbin' colour. Don't you think?