Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Chicken Hut
Corporation Street, Birmingham

Chicken Hut, situated in Birmingham city centre just, is without doubt one of the finest establishments of its kind. Whether going for an afternoon snack, crawling home from the pub or coming in from the casino at some stupid hour; you can be assured that chicken hut will be open.

The chicken served is of a very high standard, in particular the fillet burgers which seem to consist of a fried whole chicken breast. The chips can be a letdown being fairly standard "french fries", though this is more than made up for by the chicken & the exquisite chilli sauce. At £2.99 a burger meal is competitively priced.

no matter what time you visit you are likely to be served by nas (pictured) as he works 12pm til 4am five days a week. He is very friendly (he once invited us back to his house for "rice & meat"). If you are ever in bimingham i would strongly reccommend it!


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