Friday, 27 June 2008

Walkabout Bar, Birmingham

The Walkabout Bar Birmingham, home of the Kangaroo burger. Thats right, remember when you used to watch Skippy on the TV, well here you can eat him*. A quick browse of the menu shows that if you go in here there really is only one choice, Kangaroo Burger. Two meaty chunks of Kangaroo in a bun with onion rings slapped on top just for the hell of it.

Don't let the green man distract you, I was not dining with the incredible hulk, just Black Gerbil1. After removing the oddly placed onion rings from the bun you find a burger which will top pretty much any beef burger you have had in your life. Flawless meat, with a taste which you just can't put into words. Sadly though, this was the only part of the meal they have tried with. The blatent home fries do nothing for me, I can cook them myself at home. But I won't let that distract me from the fact that this was the best Kangaroo burger I have had in my life (this was also the only Kanagaroo burger I have had in my life).

All this washed down with a bottle of Fosters Twist made a somewhat filling lunch. With this coming in at just under £10 for the lot you can't really complain. Junior Spesh hits Stockholm coming soon...

*Note that you can't actually eat Skippy, he probly died time ago.

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dan hancox said...

kangaroo, wow. i had buffalo burger in the states earlier this year, that was heavy - a bit like regular beef, but less strong, bit of a mellow taste to it.