Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Dixy Chicken, New Cross

This is the only photo I have. It is as blurred as my vision perhaps was at the time.

My girlfriend and I entered this particular branch of Dixy Chicken late friday night, and despite the fact that the kebab shop next door was rammed, Dixy was empty par a lonely looking, possibly Turkish, man behind the counter. He struggled to understand a single word either of us said, constantly trying to get us to buy something else other than the original order. We got there in the end but it was a struggle.
He didn't even give me my drink at first, I was almost out the door before he clocked it. Deducted a point for that.

I plumped for a 2 piece meal, chips, can of Dr Pepper; £3.50
The other half, a chicken burger with no drink; £2.50

He'd put the chicken in the box first, so I shit myself when I opened it- there was just mountains of chips and I thought I'd been stitched up. Which I had, but not as a result of missing chicken, but by the awful bland nature of the chips themselves. No taste bar the salt and vinegar I'd thrown on them, there was no crunch and no colour.
The chicken though, was a pleasant surprise. Nice crisp to the skin, not too salty and decent white meat- none of the off-colour grey meat you're getting in these places sometimes.

As for the chicken burger, the bite I had was a little dry but the salad wasn't bad- the lettuce seemed fresh and the tomato was alright as well. A bit too much mayonnaise, though.

Overall, 6/10.
The chicken itself was alright, but poor chips, average burger and really shitty service ruined it to be honest.


Commander Meehan said...

Maad Props to Dixy Chicken.

Whenever I'm in new Cross (which is often)
I always make sure I drop by.

Get bare chicken for yo dolla.

Best Chicken shop in South-East London

Alex said...

Price wise that's bollocks.

The ideal response: "Do you think you're KF or something now fam?" In Turkish obviously.

Three squid fifty for two pieces, chips and a drink, from some noname joint, is ridiculous. Should be at least a pound less.

There's a place near the bottom of Brixton Hill that will do you two piece, chips and a drink for two quid. That kind of value is dying out fast. Cottage used to do it as well but they took the drink out of the equation. Skank merchants.