Friday, 10 July 2009

Chick King, Tottenham (North London)

If Carlsberg made Chicken shops I am 99% sure that it would have to be Chick King. The chicken shop situated opposite the Tottenham Hotspurs stadium, is famed amongst its North London clientele for the juicy cinnamon coating of its friend chicken. But I must warn you, the recipe is not as simple as simply sprinkling cinnamon on some chicken breasts and calling it a day. If that was the case then the Chick King facebook appreciation group would not be able to generate 1,721 members.

As far as the menu is concerned I could not even begin to tell you, because to be honest the only words that leave my mouth when I am within the premise are ‘Breast and chips, boss’, that and the infamous ‘are you in the queue?’
The latter is due to the fact that it is rare to go into Chick King and not have to wait behind a long queue. In fact I think it is now apparent why Spurs manage to attract 30,000+ punters every weekend at the Lane, I am pretty sure its not for the football.

So if you ever find yourself within and around Tottenham High Road, feel free to pop into chick king, opposite the Paxton Road entry of White Hart Lane and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Mon-Fri (11-00:30)
Sat: (11-01:30)
Sun: Closed

Ratings: 9.5/10 and that is being modest.

PS: Recent reports suggest that the KFC colonel tried to steal the recipe and was dealt with accordingly by the North London residents.


Muffin said...

Big up N17! Gotta love Chick King!

Andrew said...

Ra Ra ra Chick King is actually my favourite Chick King shop, I am sure I have eaten it close to 1000 times I feel like Chick King has done to Morley's what 50 Cent did to Ja Rule....