Monday, 8 June 2009

Leicester Square independant chicken fail

If you're unlucky enough to be out in the West End of London there's not a lot of chicken options.

Pictured above is the ONE Halal chicken shop I know of in central, American Fried Chicken. It's basically a tiny booth / glorified doorway in Leicester Square, to quote Manara "a Halal cell".

Anyway when I went in they didn't have any chicken at all, and when I asked to take a photo of their pathetic empty rack the bossman vigorously refused me, despite my declaration that I'm from the biggest chicken blog around and that I'd give him mad exposure.

So I had no choice but to go KFC. Waste!!!!!!!!


Chu said...

I got Chicken here once. In my opinion you were lucky they were out because that shit was wrong.

Marcus Harris said...

because of that shitting crossrail bull shit, master chicken had to close down. they made the best fried chicken in london, their burgers were unreal.

FYI it was opposite the astoria on charring cross road.

jack said...

ed really wants to write for you guys but is too shy.
he knows his stuff!