Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Jaxor - VICE Interview

Only just clocked this mini-interview on the VICE site:
VICE: What’s so good about Southern Fried Chicken?
JAXOR: Every time we went to studio we always bought the Junior Special Meal. We shortened it to Junior Spesh as a joke. We then decided to put it on a beat and just keep it among ourselves. But the tune got leaked somehow and we got such a good response from the public that we decided to do a video to the song.
Also one of the comments on that post says:

"I remember this old garage remix of the eastenders tune with a sample of someone ordering a starburger- gosh! the days of starburger...

Anyone? Anyone? Sounds like a case for Oneman..

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+one said...

that eastenders tune was classic. was by Corrupted Cru i think// [frank butcher]'please dont go pat, PAT, baby baby, please dont go..'[/frank butcher]