Monday, 20 April 2009

meet MR Chicken

Longtime follower first time poster mr Bok Bok here. Hi, hi.

I'd like you to meet my good friend Mr Chicken

true stories!

Also I've been meaning to post about this for months so here it is: I just had to say that if you haven't had Popeyes or some other chicken shop in America you haven't really had fried chicken. Sorry to be a snob about it but that's just how it is.

NYC fried chicken is like what the chicken in the pictures in KFC looks like! Ever since I got back to the UK I've had to put up with our soggy imitation of friend chicken. We're getting such a raw deal trust me.


dan hancox said...

the chips in the picture look a bit dry still.

but yeah the chicken (more precisely, the coating, and the way the coating is cooked)... so different. much crispier: never soggy or burnt.

i think a lot of southerners would resent you saying nyc is the place to get fried chicken though ;)

btw that guy, mr chicken, is some kind of design god. glad to see him getting some recognition from the industry.

Elijah said...

Ive had popeyes in jamaica and it only sold seafood! The main meals only had shrimp!

Alex Bok Bok said...

Hancox... have I been to the South of America? You know I haven't.
I'm just typing from experience.

Chu said...

Glad to see this blog back up and running.

I have munched epic levels of Popeyes and have to say it's rating was not all that. Surprised to see you were feeling it so much. plus it costs you a wedge compared to over here, coming with $8 for 2 piece and chips... that's like £100!?!

Chu said...

++ although, in popeyes favour, that little salt thing you get is pure morish if not the least bit rank.

Unknown said...

Popeyes can be costly UNLESS you stick to the Tuesday deal, which is amazing: two pieces (leg and thigh) for 99 cents. That's like 70p! Even Cottage and Favourite won't come anywhere near beating that - you're lucky to get two and chips for £2 these days. Most don't even throw in the drink anymore. PEAK times.